As CEO and Co-founder of a Silicon Valley company, TuringSense (my 3rd startup), I believe it is paramount to establish our team philosophy and company culture very early on as we build the core team to execute the company vision.  One corner stone is recruiting a team member that is better than any of us for the missing skillset, an A+ person that will strengthen our team and fit in our company culture to enjoy working together on a tough mission.  Given this goal, we are very selective and thorough in our interview process, a very difficult task for a no-name startup still in stealth mode.  We are very fortunate to find InspiredHigher and work with Yvonne, Andrea, and other staff members to achieve our high-standard recruiting goal.  One of their specialties that is quite important to us is to recruit candidates that are NOT looking for a job but open to explore exciting startup opportunity.  We gave them some key criteria and a list of companies to target for, and they relentlessly hunt them down to present us great candidates.  We were introduced to use their software app called Newton to share resumes online, update status, gave quick feedback/comment to drop or prioritize candidates.  It makes the recruiting process much more efficient and less time consuming.

Joe Chamdani

CEO and Co-Founder of TuringSense

Yvonne, the founder of InspiredHigher is an incredible person. She is hands-down the best recruiter and HR manager I've ever worked with (in my 25+ years). Her energy, inventiveness, and no-excuses attitude was a breath of fresh air.

​ Lloyd Taylor

currently VP Cloud Infrastructure at Autodesk

InspiredHigher's Yvonne is professional, razor smart, thorough, and exceptionally detail-oriented. As an HR Consultant, Yvonne exceeded all of our expectations by implementing scalable processes and helping us cut costs. From recruiting to payroll and from interviewing to firing, InspiredHigher knows exactly what and how to do it in the most efficient manner. I highly recommend InspiredHigher for anything across the HR spectrum.​

Ali Aydar

CEO at Sporcle

I engaged InspiredHigher at the onset of Arrowpass to help us bring talented people on-board.  We've built a great team. They also helped us to establish scalable and cost-effective HR programs and practices that proved to be very valuable.  InspiredHigher continues to support us and they have my highest recommendation.

Miroslav Sarbaev


InspiredHigher stood out in two crucial areas. First, the team kept the recruiting pipeline stocked with high quality candidates during a period of extreme growth. Second, while managing the HR issues that go with that growth, they completely revamped and greatly improved all of our HR systems and processes, saving the company a significant amount of money.​

Eric Romo

Founder&CEO at AltspaceVR

InspiredHigher's Yvonne is the best at what she does -- more than an HR Director, she manages many aspects of the most critical operations at the company. An invaluable startup player, colleague, advisor, collaborator and innovator, she is both a consumate professional and a compasionate individual. I am lucky to have the opportunity to work with her.​

David Rowley

CTO at AskMediaGroup

The InspiredHigher team is most resourceful, thorough and quick to fully understand a client’s needs and relate them to the objectives of the role being sourced. I would recommend InspiredHigher very strongly and would not hesitate to work with them again.​

Philip Brown

Former VP of E2Open

InspiredHigher hustled like crazy on a very tough search for us. I was incredibly impressed with the breadth of their network and their tenacity. We'll definitely use them again, without a question!

Wade Lagrone

CMO of TuringSense

The InspiredHigher team is aggressive in pursuing candidates and is always diligently following up and working hard to produce results for you. They helped us fill in several key roles within Alphonso both in the US and India.​

Ashish Baldua

Chief Growth Officer at Alphonso Inc.

Inspiredhigher's founder, whom I directly worked with, was instrumental in recruiting many of our most key hires, including our VP of Sales, and equally essential in the core aspects of our successful acquisition by LimeLight Networks​.

Jonathan Cobb

Former GM at Limelight Networks, Founder/CEO at Kiptronic

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InspiredHigher's continued success is attributed to the long-lasting relationships we've built with our client companies over the years.  We're proud to be their trusted partner as their businesses grow and thrive.

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